Choosing A Pocket Square

Men’s socks and pocket squares are good add-ons to men’s fashion accessories. Not only women take care of their fashion statement but men are also coming into picture. Fashion is no more gender specific. With designer pochettes one can make his formal or party wear suit more attractive. It leaves an impression in your surroundings. Men’s socks are also no simpler and one can easily avail of a very designer pair of his choice.

According to authors Thomas Fink and Yong Mao, there are 85 Ways to Tie a Tie. Rather than focus on memorizing knot-tying techniques from now until you’re collecting Social Security, focus on the three most common ones. First is the four-in-hand knot, which has a relatively small knot and pairs well with narrow-collared shirts. Next is the half-Windsor, which offers a wider, thicker knot. Third is the full-Windsor (sometimes referred to as a “double Windsor”), which is very symmetrical in its triangular shape and is served well by spread-collar shirts.

Each style will suit different body styles, therefore it can be worthwhile to try on both before deciding. But it must be noted that the American style blazers are much easier to be dressed down that their English style counterpart.

Accessories such as mens accessories, ties and bow ties can polish off the perfect look. If you’re wearing a colored shirt, keep your accessories in the same color family and aim for a richer, more saturated hue. For example, a charcoal gray suit layered over a lavender dress shirt would look great with a deep, blue-based violet tie or pocket square. If you choose to wear a tie and pocket square together, they should not match exactly; rather, aim for less saturated hues of the same color or keep the pocket square white. If your shirt is already a bright, saturated color, it’s a better idea to match your accessories to your suit. Imagine a black wool suit with a maroon dress shirt—a black silk tie would complement the look nicely.

The puff fold is simple and just includes picking up the square in the center with the four points hanging down. Edge to Edge spreading of the pocket gives a great look.

While many actresses have been publicized wearing his designs, women are not the only ones who love wearing clothes by Tom Ford. Many men are interested in his line of clothing and want to experience his innate sense of fashion. Today, we are going to discuss the men’s clothing by Tom Ford and what you should be wearing.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go buy a tie you like and wear it with jeans and a white dress shirt next time you go out. You’ll never look better doing a keg stand.

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